Thank you for allowing Rhodes Grove to invest in the leadership development of your student.

This page is the place for parents to learn what you need to know.

All communication about program participation will be directed to the enrolled 24/7 student.  Leadership development includes self-awareness and responsibility.  It will be the responsibility of the student to understand expectations and to seek answers to unknowns.

24/7 Schedule

75% attendance is required for enrollment in the program.

All meeting weekends begin at 7:00pm on Friday and conclude at 7:00pm on Saturday unless otherwise noted.

October 4-5: Parents party/ informational meeting 7:00- 7:45. Workday on Saturday

October 19: YOUTH- FUSION (optional)

November 1-3:  Pancake Breakfast on the 2nd, 7-10 am.

December 6-7: Heritage days on Friday night.

December 13: Heritage days ( optional)

January 10-11: Winter blast  preparation weekend

January 31- February 1-  Winter Blast  ******* UPDATED********

March  13-14:

April 3-4:

May 1-2

May 2– Closing Program 6:00pm ****Dates for optional events may be added.

Leadership 24/7 Program is in operation at Rhodes Grove Camp Friday from 7:00 pm through Saturday at 7:00pm

If you have any questions please contact: Austin Masser, Ministry Director, 717.375.4162