Advancing the Story of Camp

October 1, 2015


From the Directors Desk
Advancing the Story of Camp
Angela Monn
Executive Director

We all face challenges; physical challenges, personal challenges, professional challenges, family challenges, and ministry challenges, to name a few. I have heard it said that one’s true character, one’s true faith is best defined, best observed in those moments of challenge. As a member of the Rhodes Grove ministry team, I witness challenges posed to our board of directors, challenges encountered by our team members, and challenges faced by our campers and guests regularly. I also see challenges faced by the Rhodes Grove Camp ministry, itself.

I was exposed to a sermon recently that was titled, “Don’t Get Stuck in a Sentence”. It was an encouragement to not allow a moment in time to define who you are. Do not allow a current circumstance to be your entire story. There is more to your story than a small moment in time. There are paragraphs behind you and paragraphs in front of you. There are chapters and volumes yet to be experienced.

Ephesians chapter 2 begins by declaring that we are made alive in Christ. Verse 10 shares that we are God’s workmanship, created to accomplish the good works that the Lord has prepared in advance for us to do. There is more to your story. There is more to be accomplished. There is more to the Rhodes Grove Camp story and for God to accomplish through this ministry.

How do we know what is to be accomplished? How do we discern the direction to go or the decisions to make? How do we learn how to overcome the obstacle in front of us? How do we discover what we are supposed to do?

My immediate answer to those questions is prayer and communion with God. I pray regularly for the wisdom of the Lord and that His direction and favor be bestowed upon me and every leader of the Rhodes Grove ministry. I know that our team prays for the Lord’s will to be accomplished through the ministry of Rhodes Grove Camp. I have been provoked recently to secure additional prayer warriors for camp.

Are you a prayer warrior? Are you an intercessor? Do you have a heart for Rhodes Grove Camp and the mission of offering Christ centered experiences that reveal God’s majesty? Camp needs you. Camp needs your prayers for the mission, for the ministry, for lives to be changed, for boundaries to be expanded, for the ability to operate in freedom. We are looking for prayer warriors.

Now is the time for the light to shine. Now is the time to eradicate the challenges of fear and hopelessness and the absence of Life. Now is the time to bring these things into the light and let them be consumed by the Power of God. Now is the time to lean into the battle with prayer and inquire of our Lord: Where do we go? What do we do? Whom do we serve? How do we love?

Are you willing to advance our story as a prayer partner, a prayer warrior? Let’s finish the next paragraph together. I look forward to hearing from you: 717-375-4162 or [email protected].