December 5, 2016


Dear Rhodes Grove Friends,
Billy came to Family Camp this year with his mom. Billy splashed in the pool, rode the horses, slid down the waterslide and went gliding down the zipline. He learned the Gospel in Bible classes and worshipped in chapel. He went canoeing and rode in a horse drawn carriage. He followed the ducks down the stream in anticipation of his duck winning the race.

God used this opportunity to draw Billy’s heart to His. Billy caught my attention after the last chapel session and asked me about my Jesus. I had the honor of sharing Jesus with Billy on that Monday morning in May. We prayed together for Jesus to invade his heart. Billy’s thirsty soul also opened the door to speak with Billy’s mother about Jesus.

Billy’s story was made possible because of a Rhodes Grove Camp partner. By supporting Rhodes Grove Camp, you make it possible for the swimming pool to be a bridge to ministry. You make it possible for the zipline to be a bridge to Jesus. You make it possible for canoeing to be a bridge to eternity.

Billy had a hero that sponsored his attendance to camp.
Will you choose to be a hero in the story of another camper?

We are on our way to reaching our year end giving goal of $50,000. Be the hero.
Help us continue to build bridges to Jesus Christ.
Merry Christmas,
Angela Monn
Executive Director