Summer 2019 Wrap Up, Looking Ahead

September 5, 2019


“We should change the name from counselors to Cabin Leaders” was something that was said when it seemed like just days ago we were sitting around a table with some of our summer team members, deciding what final touches we would add to our program for the summer. Well, wouldn’t you know that the summer flew by and we are already in preparation for next summer, and currently serving our retreat groups!

This summer came and went at a rapid pace, but that does not mean we didn’t slow down every once and a while to take in some amazing ways that God was using camp this summer. As a camp, we saw 476 total campers, and 110 of them made a decision for Jesus! As a whole camp saw some changes in the program. During our Quest camp, we ran a trial run of our new coffee shop/ smoothie bar called THE GROVE, it was such a hit with our Quest campers, we are implementing a full-scale shop for all weeks of camp, along with our off-season efforts. So, that is one new addition we will be having at our camp, along with a few others that will be coming into play before next summer.

This summer we had the opportunity to also serve day campers at the Mt. Zion African Church in Philadelphia. ” It was a cool experience. I had heard so much about this church when they called me and asked us to come. I did not expect to see so many young people just on fire for God. It was so refreshing to see first and second-generation Christians just meeting and loving the fact that they are fully known and loved by an Amazing God, and that they can have a relationship with Jesus. I plan on going back every year we are invited.” says our Ministry Director, Austin Masser on the experience

Moving forward into the fall we are preparing for our fall ladies tea coming up next Tuesday. We are also in preparation for the upcoming year of our 24/7 leadership program, beginning to head out to college campuses to recruit and hire some summer staff, and we are looking ahead at some new events coming in the fall like our pancake breakfast on NOV. 2 and our youth fusion event on OCT. 19. We, of course, are serving all our weekend guest groups, and we are already in preparations for Summer 2020. Undefeated: The Rhodes Grove 2020 Summer Games. Hope to see you all out to camp soon!