Rhodes Grove’s 24/7 is an intense 4 year program which gathers from September to May each year. The program includes hands-on learning experience to develop leadership skills, communication skills, personal evaluation, and techniques for becoming a strong Christian leader. 24/7 students are an important part of our camp community and are role models for younger campers.

If you are a student entering grades 9-12 and are interested in joining the 24/7 program, please fill out an application found below.  Each new applicant should have two references.

*Please fill out the appropriate form below along with 2 reference forms if you are a new applicant.

Student interest form below

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24/7 Takes place one weekend a month.  During these sessions, we will study scripture to understand how Biblical leaders lead and how we can learn from them; we will grow closer as a group, understanding the differences in how God made each of us; and we will come to a better understanding of how we are called to lead and how God gifted us to be leaders.

Because you are training to be a leader, you will be held to higher expectations.  Our attendance policy is as follows:  Attendance requirements are 75% participation.  There will also be additional meetings/service times, such as (but not limited to) and Heritage Days, that will be  marked as optional or required in the dates, im the student and parent portals.  We understand that, as students, you have other curricular and co-curricular activities that may be scheduled during a 24/7 weekend.  If another previously scheduled event occurs during a 24/7 weekend, you must notify Austin Masser as soon as you become aware.  If the event does not span the 24/7 weekend, you are expected to come for the remainder of the weekend.

For further information or any questions you may have, please contact Austin; [email protected] or 717-375-4162. ext 118

Learning today.

Leading tomorrow.