Rhodes Grove Camp recognizes that these are hard economic times.  If you need financial assistance, we can help.  Through our Free The Gospel program, we have generous donors who contribute financially so that finances are not an issue.  We don’t ever want cost to be the reason someone does not attend summer camp or a retreat.  Financial assistance is totally confidential between the families and Rhodes Grove Camp.  Please see below on our guidelines for this program.

Here’s how it works:

  • Rhodes Grove is willing to pay up to 50% of the camp cost after any aid given by churches or family member.
    • For example, total camp cost for the week is $300. Your church pays $100 leaving a balance of $200.  Rhodes Grove will cover 50% of the outstanding balance ($100) and you are responsible for the other $100.
  • Assistance will only be given for one week of camp per camper.
  • The remaining balance that you are responsible to pay is due at the time of your online, mail-in or call-in registration.

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